"A conference is just an admission that you want somebody to join you in your troubles."

/Will Rogers /
Seminars and conferences are organised to gather people together for some common purpose.Ā  It may be training or exchange of experience.
Ā Organising and coordinating these events, our main task is to help you reach the common goal desired by you and participants. Thereby, we thoroughly plan every detail including:
ā€¢ choice of the venue,
ā€¢ speakers,
ā€¢ different kind of visual aid,
ā€¢ interpreters,
ā€¢ audio and visual equipment,
ā€¢ accommodation of the participants,
ā€¢ transport,
ā€¢ food and drinks,
ā€¢ security staffĀ 

We prepare registration, daily programme, advertising materials, reflection in the media.
We organise recreation for the participants and activities outside the official schedule.